Elan Impression 50
Do you think you deserve a great holiday with a glass of wine and the smell of the sea? Of course you deserve it and we are here to make it happen because among many other things, beautiful smell of the sea is something you will never forget. We are proud to present our new boat for the season 2015. Elan 50 is a boat that will delight you with its luxurious comfort. Be our guest and make the most of this offer we provide for your unforgettable holiday with us!


Gib Sea 51
Croatia is one of the sunniest places on earth, well at least in the Mediterranean, that's for sure. We offer you this amazing boat Gib'Sea 51 "Paško", which provides you to enjoy a full day on sun with a lot of your friends and family because this ship is very comfortable and have more than enough place (5 + salon). During summer the sun does not go down till well after 9pm. You can enjoy whole day long while exploring and then still have plenty of time to relax after dinner and watch the amazing sunset from the cockpit of this beautiful boat. Croatia is known worldwide for amazing sunsets, it is something you need to experience to fully understand it.


Sun Odyssey 49
Built in 2004. this charming boat with 4 cabins plus one salon is ideal for both short and long travels with your family and friends. It has a lot of accessories and is 14,98 m long. Kitchen inventory provides you all you need to feel just like eating at home.